Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wine Country Getaway

The rain can be pleasant and cozy for a day or two, but when the third day of dismal weather comes around we need to get out. So we loaded our car with our winter wardrobes and fluffy cats and drove to the most subtly elegant place we could think of: Napa Valley. Napa Valley is the Hamptons' more sophisticated cousin: it is beautiful, exclusive, and filled with overpriced and delicious things for us to try and buy. We stayed in a cottage at the Carneros Inn, complete with our own personal hot tub, fire-pit, and indoor/outdoor shower. In hindsight I guess it was more of a large house than a cottage, but the latter term gives the vacation a more quintessential wine country vibe so we'll stick with it. It was the perfect place to hunker down and wait out this California storm.
{Just a casual view of the Carnernos vineyards during our rainy-day swim.}
{Arugula, prosciutto, peppered crackers, almonds, and buratta. Delicious simplicity.}
{Lunch at the Fremont Diner. It's just an under-the-radar delicious diner that you probably haven't heard of yet.}
{Being truly superior means never having to make important decisions. Outdoor shower or indoor shower? I'll choose both, thank you very much.} 
{Admiring the typography at the Boon Fly while sipping on a bacon bloody mary. It's the little things in life.}


  1. so cuuuteee :)

  2. So inspiring honey,I enjoyed in this post;-)