Monday, November 19, 2012

Hostess Gifts

There is an important etiquette when it comes to hostess gift-giving. Too ostentatious and you'll be immediately pegged as obnoxious and over-eager, surrounded by rolling eyes as you pull out a set of Swarovki shot glasses. Too cheap and they'll swear they will never invite you again for fear of receiving yet another bottle of Trader Joe's finest wine (you're not fooling anyone, Charles Shaw, we all know you're Two Buck Chuck). With our list of understated and refined hostess gifts, you can sleep well knowing that you are by far the favorite party guest. And what is important in life, if not the excitement that comes along with your plethora of Christmas party invites?
{These old-timey jars of Ginger Syrup will sweeten up the party. What is Ginger Syrup, you ask? Not a clue, but they sure are adorable.}
{Zoe Williams' Egret will show that you are both playful and ahead-of-the-curve. While others are still obsessed with the glorified house painter Banksy, you will have moved on to $1,600 mounted blue hand puppets.} 
{Lucky for you I sprang for boutique wine. You're welcome.}
{The $15,000 price tag on this giant is incredibly reasonable for a speaker-log of its size, and just think of the statement you would make rolling up to the party with it over your shoulder. Where is the gift table, Lisa?}
{Dull Debbie came with a sad vanilla-scented candle, and you arrive with these felted chickens handcrafted by an old woman in the Netherlands. I wonder who will be invited back?}

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