Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Objets" of the Living Room

There is something about a modestly pretentious living room that implies class. Every once in a while (about once a week, give or take) we make a trip to our favorite home-decor mecca to spruce up the room that we use the most. We understand the importance of switching out the old for the new, and although it can get a bit pricey, think of it as an investment. How will guests know how cultured you are without that bust of Napoleon staring at them from your mantelpiece? Here are some of our favorite objets that will subtly let your friends know that your distinguished taste will trump their IKEA Bjursta table every time.
{This vintage bar cart will let company assume that you are a tasteful alcohol connoisseur}
{What better way to show the world your profound musings than on $800 chalkboards?}
{Note: chalk not included.}
{Cashmere throws are a staple of every modestly pretentious living room. It contains our three favorite S's: soft, sophisticated, and steeply priced.} 
{Scrabble because you are intelligent, vintage because you are worldly.} 
{This 19th Century Parisian Telescope lets us look into less chic living rooms.} 
{Burn your iHome. Music sounds so much richer through this vintage gramophone.}

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