Sunday, November 11, 2012

A New(er) Season

Welcome to Pastries and Polyester! As we move into the winter months, we like to find comfort in the warmth of our favorite fabrics and foods. This is a blog to track our every move, because we know that what the world wants more than anything is to know what we are up to always. Please enjoy our perpetual and profound thoughts and the occasional snapshot of a delicately hung polyester sweater, probably on a delicately DIY painted dresser with gold trim that you will never be able to emulate no matter how detailed our instructions. Don't give up, though, because perhaps you will be able to mirror our perfectly prepared apple crumble down the line. After all, in the words of the great Italian actor Stephen Coletti, "Un povero uomo di sposarsi". That loosely translates to "Some poor man is going to marry you". 
{Here is an assortment of pastries that you will never be able to make, no matter how precise your measurements.}

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